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Fluance RT81 High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable

Fluance delivers again with the RT81 which is only $50 more than the MSRP of the RT80 and comes with several better upgrades (e.g., diamond tipped AT95E Audio Technica stylus) that drastically boost sound quality. The RT81 is being categorized here as “intermediate” whereas the RT80 as “beginner” because the RT80 is ready to rock right out of the box—literally; whereas, the RT81 requires a bit more know how to set up and maintain, like needing to manually adjust balance and belt speed after extended use.

Thankfully, customer support matters to Fluance, which is reflected by their easy to follow tutorial videos posted on the Fluance Audio YouTube channel. Also, the RT81 has a built-in preamp that makes initial set up relatively easy but still gives you the option to change things up and get more advanced should you choose to do so.

Fluance RT81 High Fidelity Turntable$249.99

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