Album: Emmaar

Recorded in Recorded in February 2014
Produced by Patrick Votan

Fun facts:

  • Emmaar is a Tuareg word meaning "the heat on the breeze".
  • Emmaar was recorded in Joshua Tree, California, the dusty cradle of “cosmic” American music, due to violent political instability in the band’s home in Northern Mali.
  • The producer of Emmaar, Patrick Votan, was aided by Vance Powell, best known as Jack White's go-to engineer. Like White, Tinariwen preferred their guitars to sound feral but Powell wielded his magic and helped open up their sound.

Beer Pairing: Stone Brewing, Enjoy By

Stone Enjoy Bys are the equivalent of waking up as a kid on Christmas morning and hitting repeat throughout the year. The series offers devastatingly fresh IPAs that are meant not to last. The name says it all. Enjoy this beer by [insert date] or else it will be a 9/10 versus an 11/10. Enjoy By dates often line up with notable holidays like New Year’s, 4/20 and Valentine’s Day; all reasons to celebrate for the beer lovers out there.

When/If driving through Death Valley, stroked by heat, appetite lost, look no further than the often 8.5%+ ABV IPA to satisfy your hunger, quench your thirst and enhance your hallucinations.

Here is a photo of the beer paired with Emmaar

Beer Paired With Tapestry"