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I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Diggers Factory to explore a partnership and ways to bring our communities together. Like Thirsty Vinyl, Diggers Factory leans into a community-driven approach to spotlight a passion for music and vinyl.

More specifically, Diggers specializes in pressing on demand, limited run vinyl from independent artists through an innovative on-demand approach that eliminates waste in the manufacturing process. From a purchasing perspective, they leverage crowdfunding, a community-based approach that relies on grassroots advocacy, to generate enough demand to warrant the release of albums from an eclectic mix of musicians, many of which are being pressed on vinyl for the first time.

In short, I think Diggers Factory is pioneering the future of vinyl production by directly connecting musicians and their fans and by empowering both ends of the music spectrum to team up in the production process.

In addition to their novel approach to pressing vinyl, Diggers Factory is also a cut above the rest in terms of their customer interface and website design. The vinyl they press is stunning and creative (e.g., Michael Medrano - LoveSexDrugs LSD vinyl, The Godfather Trilogy blood splatter vinyl) and their site recreates the tactile experience of digging through record bins in a local record store through an interactive experience where you can virtually pull records out of their sleeves to see how they look, and open gatefolds to get the full visual experience before deciding to buy the album or not.

To share all their goodness, Diggers Factory will be spotlighted by Thirsty Vinyl soon so we can explore why musicians choose to press records through their process, and to promote some of the super cool stuff they’re doing to wow the consumer. Expect to see several posts related to the City of Prague's Philharmonic Orchestra and how they're changing the landscape of soundtracks, as well as a feature article on Lotus' first ever full-length live album pressed on vinyl.

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